Why Does This Happen To Me

This is me 14 yrs. old never treated right. The story starts with school, I'm in a small school every word spreads quickly. I say something wrong and all goes down hill, I wish i was not their but my parents make me go. What is the point if i get in trouble no ever goes my way? What should I do I have nowhere to turn? Please help me do something, I have nice friends but their girls, and they love God. The people I'm with are guys in 7th Grade and I'm 4"7. Their are Three guys that are mean.

  1. Miguel, He thinks he is better than me at every think and he is on the side that I'm not on.=(

  2. Jacob, big person mean, small i lose.

  3. Zac, hits everybody he doesn't like, L o l still lose.=(

help me plz!
forgod1 forgod1
13-15, M
May 4, 2012