I Made A Mistake

I cheated on my boyfriend of 5 years and ended up staying with the man I cheated on him with. Been with him for 2.5 years now. I know cheating is wrong. I wish I didn't do it the way I did. I lost every friend I had at that point in my life. It seemed like everyone judged and just saw me as a "cheater." I'm no longer human to them. It's almost 3 years later and I still havnt gotten over this ... How can I forgive my self and move on and not care what others think?
Cherrypotion Cherrypotion
2 Responses May 9, 2012

I understand your feeling. I cheated on my boyfriend and the man I was with on his wife. They are divorcing. My guy is gone... along with all my friends. I have no one and feel absolutely alone. I did wrong and will be the first to admit that. Not sure where to go from here. Be thankful you have this man in your life to help you through the brutality of human curelity. Im the bulls eye target of many gossiping witches who themselves have demons. However, I know my choices brought me to this stoning of the public. It would just be nice to know at leastone person still believes in me. Talk about a depressing feeling. Hang in there girl! There's got to be a light somewhere right?

@cherrypotion if you are happy with the guy you have cheated with try to just except that you are happy and that the past is the past. Already I can tell you have grown from this.. So just come to a realization that you are different and things are different. The hardest thing is understanding you cannot go back to how things used to be.. But you can go back to that and forgive yourself but only if you understand that things can be similar to how they were before but this time its modified and different.<br />
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Hope I helped. And what you did... might be "bad" but it could be worse and you are still a good person. I can tell by how you write :)