I Hate My Life

I was on top of the world I had tons and tons of friends and I thought I was set I was pretty popular until one day it was the dance and my group of close friends I would always hangout with completely ditched me and one of the girls inhad been close friends with for a long time and her mom and my mom were friends too and her mom came over after the dance. And I was With my
Parents partying the night away while
I was in the bathroom cutting myself. For weeks this went on I was severely depresst and cried every single day forever thing just started to get normal again and now Everyones going back to that and not to mention while I was like that everyone tried to get me even down and everything is all screwed up and I don't know what to do anymore I just want to die.
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13-15, F
2 Responses May 23, 2012

the exact same thing happened to me when i was in grade 6... i thought i was popular hanging out with the cool group of girls, but at the end of the year to choose our groups they just left me out. .. i felt terrible, and i cried. we've all been there before. but please hon dont hurt yourself. they're not worth your pain. you're a lovely beautiful person who deserves to be loved. God doesn't make any mistakes.

You call them friends. Friends are good to you. Forget them. Go on and find some other friends. There are a zillion different type of groups out there. Go out and find them. I hung around flower children, and Jesus People and had many, many good times. Do volunteer work. You'll get a good rep, and a lot of respect. Find a good supportive church, they will be there for you. You don't have to die. Go out and live. Stop with the pity party. Your better than all of them. Find some real friends. Friends that will be real friends to you. Read my great stuff on Alicehath I've been changed, and I Gentle Nature Lover. It will make you feel better. I'll pray for you. Go out and have a great love.life. Jesus and God will be your best friends forever.