This Is Why I'd Rather Be Left Alone...

Have you ever gotten the feeling, as if no one likes you? Well, alot of times i get the feeling that people can hear my thoughts. I don't know exactly why but i feel like everyone is plotting a way for me to crumble into pieces. It gets me really depressed at times because, every time someone does something nice, i go home and stop and think that it was all a trick, and that their trying to make me look bad. I'm also always in my own world, i feel like its my own personal place that no one can invade, and that no one can hear my thoughts. No one understands me, No one thinks I'm normal, but yet they can hear my thoughts? See, this is why i would rather be left alone. Thanks for listenin.

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@lolskielol YES!! someone who agrees.

Yes, I understand... I feel the say way.

I feel exactly the same way :O

wow. the petulance and victimization in these post. grow up. not everyone hates you, people care about you, your not important enough to be plotted against. get over youself and learn to live and accpet life as it is given. as far as i can tell your a healthy teeanger living in a stable socio economic society with a plethora of opportunities and support systems. utilize this and quit having a cry over it.

OH MY GOD. i thought i was the going crazy.. the same thing happend to me. I started liking this boy and something felt like a click in my brain and these kids in school kept making fun of me constantly, and i heard them in my head! alot of things that i said at home, by myself, was said the next with laughter following. this has made me come paranoid when i was already depressed. idk what happend. i used to have friends, until i ditched my three close ones because they weren't very good ones, and idk what to do. it seems that, AND IDK , that everyone is making fun of me. and they look at me and smile like they know something i dont. im so scared and i cant sleep.....

That is exactly how I's such a weird feeling, like, you become obsessed with these 'paranoid' thoughts, but then you're not even sure if it's paranoia, because it seems to be so everyone's taking the ****, all sided against you...

Ohh my goshh..I know how you feel.<br />
Everybody always does the opposit of what I want them too.<br />
I'm always daydreaming too so like..<br />
I'll be like blah blah blah and me should do that er whatever.<br />
Then they'll say the exact opposit of what I was thinking and it'll mess up everythingg. D:<br />
But it only happens when I keep thinking about what I want them to do er say so I try to always be expecting the worst.

i know exactly how you feel...