Everyone i have ever met ends up hting me, we start of ifne and friends and then after a while they hate me and barely tolerate me.

i left my last school because of it and now it is happening again

789m 789m
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people keep telling me <br />
that everyone dont like me the slag me off and my mum<br />
make me feel really upset i nice to people go out<br />
my way to say hi <br />
i feel like i have no m8s and people keep telling me n1 likes me my family think i really nice person and i have changed a lote in the years how can i get people to like me ?

Hey <br />
I realy dont know i think i am sometimes a bit full on for people. But i realy do care about others and i am trying to stop it getting to me. <br />
thankyou for the comments.

You no what i've been feeling like that my whole life. Not so bothered bout it now though.<br />
<br />
Its just one of those things that is out of your control. <br />
<br />
If you ever wanna chat bout it mail me.<br />
<br />
Take care!

Hi 789m<br />
LIfe teaches, you notice and you adjust. You seem smart. You get it. Small changes make a big difference. If not enough adjust more. Everybody learns new stuff all of the time. Get a new haircut and try again. Lighten up everyone likes a laugh!<br />

maybe is true

why do you feel like this and what do you think is the cause?