Since I Was Very Young

My peeing in the shower/bath started not long after I was potty trained. My Mom was giving me a bath and about halfway through I needed to pee. I wanted to get out and pee in the toilet because that's what everyone told me I was supposed to do. But I was covered in soap so my Mom told me she had to rinse me off first. Well as soon as she started doing that I needed to pee REALLY bad. I started fidgeting and complaining and my mom got annoyed and said "Just pee if you really need to go that bad." so I did. I've pretty much always done it since then.
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love peeing in the shower every morning.

Sweet. Me and my girlfriend pee in the bath. It's fun. Sorta cute in an innocent way, y'know? And it's not really gross. Pee's sterile.