Noone Will Admit It Though...

I think anyone who takes showers has at least peed in it. I personally think it makes no difference as long as noone is in there with you.  YUCK!!!  Really what does it matter anyway.

Think about it you run the water, you get in out of the cold then all of the sudden you feel the urge to pee.  Noone is in there and ok so let it


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7 Responses Mar 29, 2007

Yup. I do it, and so does the wife .

me too

yah. i pee in the shower...i may not admit it if someone asked me though lol. but i do!

I read that you should do this to save water; because it doesnt matter; goes down the same drain and you wont use 1 1/2 gals of water flushing. Urine is sterile; and wont cause any issues; and the acid in urine will help keep your drain clean as well.

Most, probably unintentionally do, after all, I doubt that people can extert control over every tiny drop of urine in their bladder. <br />
<br />
...and its not just the shower.<br />
<br />
However, if you are referring to the conscious action of delibrately releasing urine in the shower. Well, I'd be inclined to believe that not everyone does it.<br />
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Every human does "Pee" and "takes a dump" and "farts" and "burps" from time to time. While these actions come as a result of being alive, still some people seem to be quite repulsed by the odours and sight of either their own waste products or someone else.<br />
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...Just my thoughts on the subject.....<br />
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i always pee in the shower.....i dont see anything wrong with it and i agree i bet everyone does it.....

I'm guilty as charged.