I Mentioned Casually to a Friend

the other day about peeing in the shower, and he flipped out.

apparently thats inhuman and disgusting and never to be spoken of ever?

okay, so its not necessarily attractive...

but seriously? i thought i was the only person that has ever done that.

really, and its only THAT gross if youre not WASHING and cleaning yourself in the damn shower! lol.
gruneaugen gruneaugen
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8 Responses Apr 1, 2007

it all goes to the same place don't it :p

tim1, yeah, im pretty sure its just the hot water that makes it impossible to not pee or something....?

I have always wondered this: Is there a connection between peeing in the shower and peeing yourself when someone dips your hand in warm water while asleep? I wonder if, after a lengthy habit of shower peeing, a subconscious mental suggestion is formed when the hands are immersed in warm water while asleep.

oh jeeze... I think almost EVERYONE has peed in the shower. Just be kind enough not to pee on your shower mate (unless golden showers are their thing...

having pee dribble down my legs and watching the water turn yellow makes me feel sick. Even if I did clean up after ,and of couse -espacially if you r a bloke- you SHOULD clean the whole shower curtains/shower shield etc-by the way did you know pee has NO bacteria unless theres an infection of course - yet the ammonia smell is sssoooo revolting. Thats probably why I HATE getting my hair dyed.

well whats a girl to do if the sound of all that water cascading down makes you want to weee? what are you supposed to do, get out of the shower and elegantly dab yourself dry in prep to perch on the throne? No, i dont think so...peee in the shower i say

Pee goes down the same "hole."

Pee goes down the same "hole."