Bring Our Men And Women Home!!!!!

They have been over there for a long time now. Don't you think its time to bring them home?? I do. They don't even need to be over there. Seriously I support the fact their getting our freedom and all that. but  Their getting Killed over there.. I think its time for them to pulled out of Iraq and sent home so they can be with their Families and their friends. I support my troops and my Family members That's over there. Soon As my little brother gets out of basic training he will be right over there too. BRING OUR TROOPS HOME! That's all i want is for them too come home. I lost  30 friends and family members over there. Its hard enough to go on Knowing they wasn't Coming home. Its Scary I had a best friend over there and i want him to Come on home so we can hang out and chill together.

Brandy420Eden Brandy420Eden
18-21, F
2 Responses Apr 30, 2010

i think we should support the soldiers when they are serving but we really don't need to be fighting anymore but soldiers need support while they are there i think. idk you can argue it anyway i guess

Maybe if everyone stopped supporting the soldiers the US would finally stop slaughtering people. That opinion actually comes from two of my foster kids who went over there as soldiers. They want it to end and they could'nt do the haneous things they were commanded to do that had NOTHING to do with our freedom or anybody elses whatsoever. They thought they were doing a noble thing but when they got over there, found out they had been duped.