No Slackers

I used to work at a government office that approved or denied disabilty for people who had or claimed to have mental or physical reasons why they couldn't work. Let me just say that out of the hundreds we saw during a single week, only about ten or so were honestly so disabled they couldn't hold a job. Most of them were just lazy. I would watch them park their cars at one end of the parking lot and as they drew closer to the building, suddenly a limp would develop.
A few of them I knew through acquaintances of mine and I knew good and well they were not quite as "disabled" as they would make themselves out to be when they entered our offices.
I am glad our government offers help to folks who can't help themselves, but I hate it when healthy people take advantage of it because they're lazy.

SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
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1 Response Jul 15, 2010

That's a real bug bear of mine, I don't see why people should be kept by the state if there is no good reason. I'm a foster carer and the kids I take mostly have come from families where there are six or more kids and neither of the parents are working. They just claim benefits and say they have a "bad back" or the like. I also hate that asylum seekers get treated better than people who have paid into the system for years. There is a lot in English news papers at the moment about a Somali bus conductor who came here on asylum and complained that the house they put him in first was in a poor area so they moved him to a two million pound house in London!! It's no wonder that the country is in the state it is.