With so many rock stars on the Internet, of course you are going to have an equal amount of critics. You know, "Everyone is entitled to my opinion." These critics come in many forms. But lately I have been finding great humor with "The Reviewer." The Internet is overflowing with reviews for everything from movies, to duct tape, to socks.
One type of Reviewer that really baffles me is The Recipe Reviewer. Say I want a recipe for Chicken Stew. After my search, I head straight for the one with 5/5 stars. It sounds good, reasonable ingredients, minimal prep time, perfect! So then I proceed to read some of the user reviews. This is where it gets weird...

" I made this for my family tonight and it was a huge hit. Even my youngest ate every bite! The recipe calls for chicken breasts, but all I had were chicken nuggets. One bag is plenty for this stew. I did not have the onions, so I used 1/2 cup leftover coleslaw. My family doesn't like garbanzo beans, but I did have some bean dip! The texture seemed a little dry, so I added 3 cans of Cream of Mushroom soup (Reduced Sodium.) To speed up the cooking time, I recommend 475 degrees, instead of 325. I love this recipe and will definitely make it again! My hubby did add some hot sauce. LOL"
Lilt Lilt
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reminds me of my recipe for Elephant Stew ( see story). great cooks are everywhere. lol mini

Elephant stew? I want to see that!

You just made hungry. Eating wasn't my plan

Well,I wonder if I should give out my recipe for Hot Water Soup?

Please do, Texan!
And I will swap my recipe for a soup sandwich. It's a little messy, but worth the trouble.

I'm going to cook a rack of ribs later today. I'm using a dry rub of catnip and liquid smoke added to..... mushroom soup. (Still cracking me up 2 and a half years later!)

A can of Mushroom soup really helps the rub stick to the meat. Your guests will probably ask for seconds. Better put on an extra rack.

This is my latest favorite, while looking for a new soup recipe...
CoolCarol- *****Five Stars
"I am making this right now! I will repost my changes later. Bon appetite!

they must of put that there as a joke ????

Em, whenever you pop into EP... I have a warm, fuzzy feeling that everything in the world is going to be okay.
How is Lyod doing? I miss your banter. :-)

My kids all know I am a sucker for crazy reviews now, they have been sharing some gems.
Son #2 found the best one story.

All my love and sweaty-menopausal love to you, Em.

I'm sooo running into this situation with Penterest. Just the otehr night my fam was discussing the now-popular ' DIY' laundry detergent. Sis ran into comments and sites full of possitive responses (and some tweaks to original recipe). But Ma found another pinner full of negative responses! These posts were almost side-by-side for same recipe! GO figure!

I am with you on the TripAdvisor lists, Kathryn. Isn't it funny how TedFromDC thought the hotel was the worst place he ever stayed...and SandyKey thought it was fabulous.

Over the holidays, when shopping on Amazon, I found some hilarious reviews! One of my faves was for the Badger garbage disposal. If I can find it, it is definitely worth posting.

I know just what you're talking about, Restless! I can only assume those food goddesses are trying to compete with all their blog goddess friends. Like I said, everyone is a rock star on the Internet.

My latest review funny...
A woman gave a recipe 5/5 stars. She had not actually tried the recipe, but rated it up because it
" sounds sooooo yummy!"

I certainly don't have time for blogging. I am too busy telling people what I think in person.

This is JUST how it is!!
Hahahaha :)

Reading this thread again - its just as funny as the first time. Thanks lilt

DreamWizard, I can't make this stuff up! The recipe reviewer takes their role very seriously. Just yesterday, I came across a review that was invaluable. The reviewer said, "I have never made this dish, but it sounds good!"

I would guess that the job of recipe reviewer is so time consuming, they end up ordering a lot of take-out.

LMAO. Lilt, is this real did you really read this or are you playing games again? is a cook show i listen to on the raido, you can also listen to her on ur computer, only on saturdays though ..

Kathie, 10 hrs. in the crock pot for those laces. Tender and delicious. I always add 8 cans of cream of mushroom soup.

Since I want it to look nice, I will top it with onion straws. Oops, I don't have those...( crushes up some cat kibble )

Thanks for the laugh.... ( swaps shoestrings for noodles )

I cannot stop laughing!

Me too.

Have you ever had a day when you just NEEDED to laugh?<br />
<br />
Thank you, Lilt. Thank you for being someone that can always make me laugh.

Lilt. YOU are hot sauce.

I KNOW you added hot sauce, Scoobs.

I give this story a 5/5.

Haha! I saw that picture, Harley. Dente really WAS making chicken nugget soup. She is not fooling anyone. Except maybe her kids...she tells them it is chocolate cake.

I can hear the conversation now:<br />
<br />
Guy 1: "The other night we had a wonderful steak and potatoes dinner. We didn't have steak, so we used ground chuck. We didn't have the ingedients for a gravy, so we used ketchup. We were out of potatoes, so we used bread instead. "<br />
<br />
Guy 2: "So, you had hamburgers?"<br />
<br />
Guy 1: "Weren't you listening? We had steak and potatoes!"

My way is similar:( that is why I don't follow recipes hehe...brilliant post!

Shish Kebobs!! <br />
This recipe just keeps on giving.

As Obi1 can pick it up and eat it with your hands, Sylphy!<br />
I think this stew would make perfect trail food, for those long hikes. I am going to fill my backpack with it on my next excursion.

Lol... better bring a lightsaber. Ob1 has one... and he takes loooong trips.

She wrote that review after having the stew... it's the emulsified meat from the nuggets. x p

i had to revisit this recipe.

It is always a "go to" for me too, Nell.

Gilly, I have a site for you!<br />
"Great Meals with Two Ingredients-But Sometimes More"

@lilt.... lmao...

This is exactly my method for cooking.... And I am not asked to cook very often. Great story, Lilt :)

I'm gutted you made that review up, I can absolutely believe it, one of my friends at college bought a casserole mix to home ec instead of the required ingredients!

Thank you, Restless, for backing up my story!!!! You know what I am talking about.<br />
The 5/5 Star Review is somewhat lacking, after you add CheezWiz and a bottle of Texas Pete.

You guys are too funny.

We are not making this stuff up, Mary!!!

Ha! Add a stick of butter at the end and call it french. : )

Ooo la la!

Don't forget some heavy cream .

Dente, there is a woman who has a cooking show ba<x>sed on that very idea! She has a substitute for everything!

If one substitutes everything is it even the same recipe?

Its like saying, tonight we are going to use the Roast Duck Recipe but, we are substituting the Duck for Fish...and we will be grilling instead of roasting... funny stuff


It is the cooking equivalent as "almost exactly" LMAO

I am sure it will be a hit, Destry!<br />
I tried SuzyQ's version of this chicken stew. I didn't have any chicken nuggets, so I used a package of hot dogs. But next time I will cut up the hot dogs first. Silly me.

MissFree, I made up that review, ba<x>sed on what I frequently see. The reviews of a dish are often twice as long as the actual recipe, with twice as many ingredients! These critics love to impress with their creativity in the kitchen :-)

All is notorious for these doozies.

I burnt my grilled cheese sandwich, while writing this story :-/<br />
But I added some salsa and macadamia nuts and it was delicious!