The Seed

This is a true story. 

I was sitting in my outdoor patio this morning. I had planned to read something from my Bible today.  I decided that I would let God guide me to what I needed to read in my Bible.  So I casually flipped open my Bible.  It opened on page 1011, The Letter of James.  Ironically, it is exactly what I needed at this moment in my life. 

James talks about personal trials and tests.  He tells you how to spot when you are being tested, what the test is intending to teach you, and WHY you are being tested.  That is EXACTLY what I am going through at this moment in time in my life. 

I came upon James 4, vs.2-4.  The verse talks about why you do not get what you want.  Either you do not ask God for what you desire, or you asked for it wrongly, with the wrong motivation behind the request.  It's like me asking God to replace the flooring in my house that the hurricane damage caused because I am concerned that the damage might be impacting my health, making me unable to accomplish my purpose and God's goals for opposed to asking God to give me new flooring so that I could have the best house on the block.  But the intent must be real...God will know if you are asking the first way, but you mean the second way.   

So I stopped reading and started to contemplate the passage.  I am weak in this area.  I do not ask for what I want.  I wait and accept what shows up, but I don't ask for things.  I'm weak here.  So, I stopped reading. I set my open Bible down on the couch. I walked out into the sunshine, looked up at the bright, glistening, crisp blue sky and I asked God for what I wanted.  A cool, gentle breeze was blowing.  As I finished asking God for what I want, a seed surrounded by billowy white fluff was blowing in the wind above my head.  Suddenly, that seed fell from the sky and landed right in my open  hand.  The seed reminded me of an adorable fluffy white caterpillar I had found in my yard the other day.  (I'll post a photo of the seed and the catapillar on my page).

When I sat down to load the photo of the seed in my hand onto my computer, I set the seed down inside a tray next to the sofa. I loaded the photo onto the computer.  When I looked over my shoulder for the seed, the seed was gone.  I searched the patio, under the sofas, in the nooks and cervices...but it appeared that the seed had blown away.   So I sat down to write this, and suddenly the seed appeared again at my feet.  My wish is carried on that seed today.  I intend to plant that seed once I post this. 

I hope you are all inspired by this in some way.  Have a blessed day!

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51-55, F
May 13, 2010