I Want To Now Who Thinks And Has Experienced That Everything Happens The Way It Should. Maybe A Story To Proof It

I want to now who thinks and has experienced that everything happens the way it should. maybe a story to proof it

Hi have made this conclusion many times in my life 
i wanted to join a pilot school but i didn't  because things came in the way  of me joining 
that happened for two years.
after the two years i went to sign up for the classes 
and along the way i learned that year that i joined was the year they got a good flight instructor
 the years before they had a flight instructor who didn't show up and allot of the students dropped out

so this is just a little story that everything has a purpose or call it luck but i strongly believe that whether is something good or bad it was suppose to happen

have a nice day
Jedix Jedix
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I feel halfhearted about this. You just can't say, you know. I don't have the best family, but i have a great set of friends which fills out the gaps. Even with problems, i've overcome every one of them so far. Even though at first, i have hesitations and i think i might not be able to survive and hit my downfall, in the end, everything falls into place. Not the perfect place but it definitely falls somewhere. So for me, i'd say everything happens for a reason. But the outcome may not always be the best. Although, i have a friend, who died on his way home. after confirming that he passed the board exam and even top notching it. Feels weird. It's not the same for everybody. What the heck could be the reason for that? . So you just can't say.<br />
<br />
Sorry for blabbing. Kudos. Have a nice day as well :)