Wouldn't Call It Fate

But it is interesting how things happen in your life. The people that come into your life and the events that happen when they happen.

You may wonder like I do why did it happen now?
Why couldn't this have happened sooner?
Would it have been better if it happened sooner?
This could have waited till later...

Being unsure of the full reasons why things happen when they happen till later on in life I can't really say. However there is a time for things to happen and when it is time for it to happen it happens smoothly and quickly. Does this mean that everything happens that you want? No of course not, but that things can happen when they are supposed to.

For me it was when fresh with a wife and started having kids that I was trying to get a better job. 4 years it took of applications and denials to get the job that I have now. Why couldn't have happened before? Still unsure as to the full reasons, maybe the position wasn't available yet? I know the house we lived in as well as the neighborhood wasn't even built yet. Maybe I wasn't ready yet, not mature enough or patient enough to handle the job at the time. May never know the full reasons.

Years later.......... Why did my marriage last as long as it did? To be in that situation where she pretended to love me for ten plus years but had already decided that she wanted out. Don't know the full reasons as to why. Don't know why I didn't do it sooner? This is what I am thinking is that things weren't in place for me to get divorced. Didn't have a circle of good friends to lean on when the time did come, maybe the people that I know now, I wasn't ready to meet them then, maybe they weren't ready for me.

Don't know the reasons things happen in your life or in mine. Don't know if I will ever know the reasons as to why it happened when it did, with a little faith that everything will work out for the better and having the positive attitude for it as well as rolling with the punches and a small sense of adventure to see where a choice will take you on a new path.

Things happen in the time for them to happen, its not fate as some may simply explain away, but just the time and its season.
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3 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Sometimes that is the only explanation syannag... Fate that things were to happen... When they happen...<br />
<br />
For it was to happen before or later than it did things would be different.

Very true Pix.... Can only live in the day, can't live in tomorrow and you have lived in the past. Just making the most out of each day as it comes along....<br />
<br />

I don't really think I believe in fate either...I think things can change in a heartbeat. I too have wondered why things have happened in my life and why I made the choices I did. One reason I made some of my choices was that I was a different person than I am today. I think we all sort of "evolve" and change in our 20's 30's and so on. I know I'll never figure it out why things happen and just choose to move on and enjoy every day best I can :-)