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I think expecting love is wrong, what I mean to say is that, you choose who you love but its not that you should expect that the person chooses you back. Just for instance there are people who love you, but its not that you love them back, and you cant. Love is something you feel for others but its not something that has to be mutual, in fact its not. If you love a person it works best of you dont expect love back, helps you to not get hurt, it you choice not their. For they will have their own choice that who they love.


I love my people, but I dont expect it back, at instances I have come across people who will hate me, I love them, the best way is to pick up the pieces and walk on instead of fussing over why they dont love me. I believe in this and it has worked for me. :)

Floydian Floydian
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Yeah in a very broad sense in context of this story. :)

It wont work, that is why I said that pick up the pieces and move on! And you are pretty correct about the infatuation, just that you should let your life get to a hold that is what I mean to imply.


See In a while.

i know u didnt..i just said what i thought..<br />

I did not write it with anyone particularly in mind, just what I feel! And I though I should share. Now that you mentioned I will share another story, but dont take it to heart.

but thats not for everyone...i want ...to be happy but yet again i cant without him...