Most people I come across can't seem to make eye contact with me for too long, Which leaves me to wonder.. Does it bother them when I look them in the eyes when we speak.  I enjoy reading their emotions through their eyes, but I guess some are uncomfortable with eye contact for to long.. therefore they are usually the ones to break eye contact first. 

I thoroughly enjoy eye contact when making love also.. I think it can enhance the climax insurmoutably, because along with the skin to skin connection, eye contact gives you that thread... that emotional connection.
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I think it also can have something to do with.. how do i put this.. acknowledging "i'm doin naughty things to you and you know it" type of eye contact that heightens the intesity all the more. If that makes sense.. lol

Mtk ...thank you hun.. <br />
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and yeah Pinky, i think eye contact helps in establishing trust

LOL...*looks down at the ground, mmmm okay then* Ay ay ay, where do I start ?

Lmao! No asking that's not fair.. u gotta find out fer yourself.

So tell me please S-Jay what does one have to do to get you to blush ? or should I ask Joel, LOL ?

Awe Joel! Now Im blushing *looks down and kicks dirt*

Normally, I'm pretty shy around women, but if I ever came face to face with you, cutie, and saw your darling face, oh, I would blush, but I would be unable to look away....


nuh uh shorty.. You's like eye ta eye witt ma jiggles.. rofl!

I wuz,...what?

baby steps.. you'll find you're less intimidated by them when ya do. or ooh ooh, make it a game, see how long it will take for THEM to look away.. givin you the power *bwahaha*

mother, iffin ya try just a lil at a time, I think you'll find it becomes less intimidating each time.

sweet! now look me in the eyes O.O when you do that. rofl


Foxx hunny.. I work wif 40 men, I'm used to it. lol learned how to not bend when I file, learned to not turn around to quickly when I walk cross the office (cuz they be lookin), If I or they drop paperwork.. I let them pick it up. lol it's all good :) I can't blame em, cuz I do the same thing when a fine summin summin walks up in hur!<br />
<br />
Pretty, you gettin your jollys off in my story hun? lol

By golly, jigglin jolly.

I'd turn around but then we'd have a whole other problem. demmit lol

maybe sara is right.. no one will make eye contact with me because of all the jigglin 12 inches south

*tries not to laugh at your comment out of fear of my boobs jiggling in fronna you*

Michelle my shy one, i guess I kinda enjoy (just a lil) getting the shy ones to make eye contact with me and see how long they can hold it. Just like tryna figure out what their thinkin. And lol, it would be wierd to be intimate witt someone who had trouble lookin me in the eyes. <br />
<br />
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Sara.. ooh gurl thats a whole other story. That's like a little game chika.. how many people glance at my girls during convo, it's quite entertaining at times

Do their eyes sort of gravitate right to those lovely boobies you have?

Speaking as a shy gal I am telling ya S-Jay my wifey it takes alot for one of my kind to maintain constant eye contact, especially without becomes very unnerving...don't get me wrong I give the person my full attention but I just don't look into their eyes constantly !<br />
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As for making love I think it is a must and since you are getting it on you obviously are not shy around your special someone so I can gaze for hours :)

lol... DT, getchur azz back here! I almost had you under my spell dagnabit!

exactly Pretty!! it's a great way to sift thru the shady ones too. <br />
<br />
And the shy ones, that timidly look away... well now that's just sexy..

And Whisp intimadates,<br />
<br />
Indeed good point Joey.<br />
<br />
Eye contact can be a bit distracting an almost intimadating at times, if you are fumbling for the right words to say<br />
<br />
, can tell the difference between shyness and sketchiness any way, at least I can...some folks just cant do it without blushing and looking away, others can't do it because they are shady and their shady souls wont allow it, they don't want to be discerned.:)...

lol DT... O.O how are you doin today Dark? O.O Ok, now tell me what's really goin on witt you O.O<br />
<br />
<br />
DEG.. winner winner chicken dinner!!

ooh good point foxx..<br />
<br />
and I hope I don't abuse its power.. <br />
<br />
thankies.. glad you likey

begins staring contest with DEG...