I Personally Believe ...

I used to try and realize the meaning of a soul by the look in another's eyes. What were they made of, what did they believe? After many years of studying people, and life experiences (especially war) I realize that the eyes are not just the window, but the door to the soul.
Silent conversation is not known to many. To most actually it seems a contridiction in terms. I know from experience that it is a language of it's own that totally depends on the two people 'speaking' it at the time.
Once this language of the eyes is learned, a person's intentions become immediately apparent. Their soul, whether good or bad can't be disguised. The door is open and they are vulnerable thru it. I have found no exceptions so far. I'm not ruling them out, as that would be foolish, but in most cases it has proven correct, and in a few (probably more than I realize) has actually saved mine and others dependent on me lives.
CAnnesdad CAnnesdad
41-45, M
Nov 14, 2012