Your Eyes Reveal the True You!!

The most appealing part of another person to me is their eyes. It tells you a story, perhaps betraying their very words. Someone can say they are fine, when infact their eyes are brimming with tears. If someone makes a statement and you look directly into their eyes, those eyes will ALWAYS tell you the truth. A liar will not even beable to look at you directly eye to eye if they are lying and pretending to be truthful. BUT despite all of this, the MOST amazing thing about eyes, is when they widen with complete joy and they brim with excitement, like a 4 year old Christmas Morning. Now NOTHING beats that!!
AlwaysRemembers AlwaysRemembers
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1 Response Apr 18, 2007

yeah we need more childlike enthusiasim in the world! I love to look into the eyes of someone laughing or when they are expressing joy!