i feel that the eyes are the second best part of a female.
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7 Responses May 10, 2007

ok i love every part of a womans body but when i look at them those are the two things that i notice first. lab i kow ud disagree lol ;p and as far as hips go, she could have no hips and i wouldnt even care. if she was with me id still treat her like a queen. well at least try to.

but still, th eyes are th window to th soul...i guess it depends. maybe her soul is really cruddy! but they can tell u so much that th rest may or may not be able to express...and sex doent always mean th person even likes you! sorry, but there are such things as hook-ups....

I think the greatest thing about a girl is not the way she looks, but who she is. If a girl is confident she is beautiful, then no matter how she looks, she is beautiful. If a girl thinks she is ugly, other people think of her as such. Each girl in the world is beautiful, but the number one quality about a girls appearance is her eyes. Then comes her facial shape, then lips, then hair.

ok im still going to stick with my opinion.

i'm ready to disagree w/ this! both the first and the second actually. hmm...

the first is her lips. you thought i was going to say something else didnt you.

ANd what is the first? Or do I need not ask??!! lol