I have crazy-weird light blue eyes with a golden color around the pupils. I've never seen anyone else with them, and my friends all think they're pretty awesome. I just happen to think they're weird. =)
    On another thing, it's really weird when you look at a serial killers' eyes. They are almost always one extreme or the other - really light colored or really dark. No matter what, they always have creepy eyes.
indiexchick indiexchick
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indiexchick, I think you just have very light-colored eyes.<br />
Some actresses have eyes like yours, very very nice. If they are correctly enlightened, they show their best!<br />
Try their power: in a sunny day, when gold sparks make your eyes glow like the sun in the sky, stare deeply at a boy's eyes. He'll probably melt down... or, at least, he'll enjoy it.

Interesting observation. Your eyes will probably darken as you get older. My daughter used to have lion eyes - golden - but they are a light brown now that she's 43.

Haha, wouldn't you like to know? No, I mean if you look at pictures of them, either on T.V or in magazines, they always have weird eyes.