Those Evil Eyes

Oh yes!  This is one of those "I should have trusted my gut feeling" things. 

He had the prettiest blue eyes, but they were icy cold.  I thought this was a nice guy "but those eyes".  We seem to have a lot in common "but those eyes".  He's got a good personality "but those eyes".  I told myself "those eyes are a flashing "BEWARE" sign.  God, if only I had known then what I'd go through and what would follow me for some years after the fact, I'd never have done it.  I guarantee you and myself, I will not ignore those gut feelings anymore.

There is an actor that has those same eyes.  The same exact eyes!  He always plays an "a**hole".  He does too good of a job of it, too!  I would almost bet he's one in real life. 

This was well hidden in my "ex" boyfriend, though.  To most people that don't know him, he seems like a "really great guy".  Yeah, really great JERK!

Yes, you can definitely tell good or evil about almost any person by their eyes.

silvermystics silvermystics
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1 Response Jul 13, 2007

I just "Googled" him. He DOES look very evil! The actor above that I mentioned is Ray Liotta. Check out his eyes. They're pretty, but they are also pretty evil!