What Can You Tell?

So, what can you tell?

I want to know...


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13 Responses Feb 18, 2009

I can tell now. I am back to see you :)

Tha nyoure the best human ever....I miss you...

hi tasmin.. thank you for a nice comment. I am delighted. Hugs*

Don't know about eyes .. but just avatars speak volumes .. and am always happy to see yours .. you have good vibes

((((((((((((BIG BIG HUGS BACK)))))))))))))) ^_^

I feel very happy seeing you with smile and happiness. your positive energy landed on my heart and gave me a sweet comfort. Many Hugs*

hi Trina. thank you... you are my great friend.. i am so happy ...I wish your happiness with the one you love... Michael....<br />
((((((((((((((((((((((BIG BIG HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))

hi... 1tufcuky thanks for your comment. i like your words..... the eyes speak way louder than ones mouth .. it's true. :)

Is this a serious question? lol<br />
If so, I see everything in someone's eyes...or somethings eyes. A child, adult even an animal. I see pain, regret, sorrow, hurt, excitement, trepidation, fear, disgust, intimitdation, deceit, lust, temptation, greed, dismissal...the eyes speak way louder than ones mouth, to me...ask my husband. He doesn't get away with anything because of his tell-all eyes! lol Thank you for asking this...it was a good thought-provoker!

hi shine... thanks. this eyes sound very nice ... Very Happy Hugs* ^_^

hi.. sleepless.. it is very nice... Hugs*<br />
<br />
hi loanna.. thank you.. very nice of you. Big Hugs*

Emotional, sensitive, thoughful, melancholic, still thinking about the something in the past... Hugs*

hi loanna.. what can you tell about mine? Hugs*