No Friends

I had a facebook for about a week, but then I had to delete it because I knew that it was depressing me. 
Every time I went on, I would see something that would make me upset. I would see pictures of people having fun, and me "news feed" was always filled with people having conversations. I would see my friends message eachother and inbox each other, yet I would never get anything. Every time I went on I felt as if I had no one, so I deleted it and haven't gone back since. Facebook is honestly just a tool for people to brag about how busy they are and post nice pictures of themselves that others can compliment. I much prefer EP:) 
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3 Responses Jul 16, 2010

There is a real problem with how some people are using the ability to improve their image. I know personally ive been guilty of putting up pictures of me with girls having a great time. Particularly when my last relationship ended in complete madness after two and a half years. Its just so addictive, being able to instantly see a digital representation of the world around you. And its also the biggest problem with it. You see everything around you. Like when i see pictures of my ex with another guy. Its a double edged sword.<br />
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I think sites like EP that use anonymity as a method of generating content for networks of users are better for getting to see what the real world is like. Where people arent as confined with what they express you tend to get more authentic content. But you also dont have any way of knowing who that other person is and no real way to identify with them.<br />
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I think facebook is a result of a number of factors, and is a natural progression of what is going on around us. The social platform isnt going away and neither are the issues that come with that, but its going to evolve and probably faster then you think. I dont think it will be long before sites like EP get more mainstream. You just need to wait until then.<br />
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thats my two cents.

EP is much better, in my free time I go on this site, and not on facebook. EP is more about sharing stories and feelings. Facebook is more about showing off, and feeling left out.

I agree! looking at other peoples lives and wishing I could have that just makes me want to delete my facebook!