Yes, It Does.

I feel left out. I feel depressed to see how everyone is making something out of their life. How people have lots of things going in their lives, activities, jobs, gatherings, reunions, and hangouts. They're practically living and I'm just passing my days.
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I can relate to this feeling. Lucky for you that you're still young enough. I'm turning 32, single and I know a lot of people who are already planning to move abroad in the hopes of finding a better life there. And here I am, feeling that I'm never moving anywhere, and the feeling of "being left behind" is what's really killing me the most. Sometimes I wish I can talk to a therapist about this because it's making me quite unhappy and unappreciative about myself. Let's just pray for each other then, and hopefully in time we will overcome the depressing thoughts and start living the life that we really want to live, because the general truth really is that the person that we really should be comparing ourselves with is Ourself, and (my golly!) how I truly wish that one day I will really be able to do that.

There are so many things I would like to tell you , trust me so many things - regarding the way you feel... But for some strange reason, I don't know where to begin. I know there's a lot of stuff to tell you because that is exactly the way I used to feel almost 260 days in the year! (The rest were weekends :P) The days slowly keep reducing though (as a plus point) as I get older... but everything is just so blurred in my head now!!<br />
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Maybe, the most important thing I have to tell you is, something that somebody once told me when I least expected it - "Do the right things, for the right reasons and simply live your life in the best way you can AFFORD to." Every time I feel like ****, I think about this - it helps - maybe not to the extend of making me jump around with happiness, but atleast, enough to get a smile back on my face.<br />
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Don't ever think you're useless and crap in life, dear! Not for one split second, 'cus you're wrong. Don't think, as mentioned on one of the posts above, that everything in life happens 'cus of the "lines on the palm of your hand" - you CAN change you're fate. Give it time. Have patience. Life will see you through provided you don't give up!<br />
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If you are a believer, have faith and pray. It helps. It helped me.<br />
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You'l be alright :) Smile now...

@MiaJoecat<br />
That's so true, all are NOT your friends and not everyone is there when you need, someone times just none.<br />
I wasn't talking about not having as much friends but about a moving life, settling down, achievements and all. I'm no less than those but I've nothing. Comparison isn't always a healthy or may be I should say the right thing but when you say you graduate together then how some people with lesser abilities move forward.

Yes, Facebook can make you feel insecure and unhappy.<br />
If you are at an awkward place in your life and others seem to be going ahead and forth with theirs, then you question your own self and self worth.<br />
You judge yourself by your lack of friends and imagine having as many as your "friends". But are they really friends? Just who and what have your friends become?<br />
One day you post a comment, a one where you really need some support and maybe some friendly words and you get two responses. Two measly answers out of a bag of maybe 20 so-called real life, real world friends. Maybe it's because I didn't like enough of their own comments or that I wasn't around enough in the real world. Everyone's forgotten how to even Email or text. It deeply hurts.<br />
I've had enough of facebook.

I can really relate to how you feel. My friend and I talked about this before, you're not alone in your feelings. When I was depressed and really down, face book did make me feel more depressed because like what you said, how everyone seemed to be doing. It made me question or think, maybe I'm suppose to be doing things too. <br />
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If it helps, it might help to think we all have our own time in finding who we are and our own path, or how to do things. That's the way I see it.

@jovm3<br />
Thank you so much for your comment and concern. I know the only thing that makes me depressed is that I'm left behind and everyone's moving on. Everyone I know has opportunities to change their lives. I know what I want in life, and I do not want a bundle of things, but there's absolutely no way to get them; I've family problems, the place I live is another problem(it has few job/career opportunities and I cannot move, I belong to a conservative family where girls do not move to another place without family) and I've some issues of my own but if I get a chance I will try my best to change things.<br />
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@sohaib4<br />
I'm 22 and yes, not that young :) time is slipping away. Every passing day tells me days will pass and change will not come. I know 20s are the time when one gets settled down and it takes a lot of time to settle. I haven't even started. I'm afraid a lot of down time will distort me permanently and I'll never be able to become normal again. Both my parents come from a very small town. My father moved to a bigger city later. I was born here but I'm still not able to compete with people here because my parents were not habitual to city trends and I was brought up in more of their own fashion. I've always lived and studied at top-notch places and always been torn among my city-fellows and my parents. I lack in a lot of things and I know, not everyone gets acceptance. I lack acceptance among my city-fellows as well as my parents' family.

ideally those people should comment who can help boost your moral on such feelings. i know i can't do that but i can tell you that you're not alone in this feeling. people here on EP are v nice , when i got pages long comments to my similar story i wondered that there's some automation - some robotic replies coming from site administrators to help encourage positivity. but i think actually people do read through your feelings and give a genuine human feedback. facebook is totally different story , good for people who feel good there . but that doesn't mean i'm gonna cling here on EP forever. i know it's just an emotional unloading station where i'd try to dump my feelings that i can't expose to anyone otherwise and i'll move on. end of day all networking sites are similar in a broader sense. <br />
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everyone got one's own palm-lines that we can't change so let's accept it , sooner the better. from as much as i got to know you from your stories and answers , you seem to be pretty practical minded girl and you can face every situation. then indeed you're young too. so i hope and wish you that current sorta depression is just interim phase for your life and you make a great come back to life.

you're still very young and have time to catch up to all the fun! if you're feeling really depressed, see a doctor if you can, get a physical, discuss your feelings. maybe there is something you can do to turn your life around a bit. good luck!

That's why I'm here. Just joined because I couldn't deal with the facades. Hope this site has worked for you!