Does My Life Really Suck That Much?

Almost every time I start looking at my Facebook "friends", it's just a reminder of how much my life sucks and how much fun other people are having. Sometimes it's an inspiration to get out and do more, but it's getting more and more like it's just depressing.

that1chick that1chick
4 Responses Aug 7, 2010

FB made me feel that way too. I know it's all an act, but I felt like everyone else on there was having more fun, was better looking, more successful, taking better vacations, had more friends, better behaved pets and everything else. I felt like the only person who has ever gained weight or failed to distinguish myself professionally every time I logged on. I realized later that it's really all about how people spin things on their profiles and I could do the same thing if I wanted to convince the world how special and important I am, but I just wouldn't ever feel comfortable presenting myself as anything other than who I am.

i feel the same way! I just started going on facebook and notice everyone else is moving on with their lives so successfully, and or for the worse. It hurts me. My own old friends do not acknowledge me anymore =/ That's life ....

For me it's about how stagnant my life is and everyone is making something of their life; most importantly their jobs and then rest of the things like partners, socializing...

same here