No One Talks To Me!

I got on Facebook everyday and I just get tired of seeing people commenting on everyone else's posts and status. And its just funny how I comment on people's pages and I get ignored. Yes so I understand how Facebook can make you depressed.
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It ain't just you.

I put a photo of myself IN MY HOSPITAL BED over Christmas!


asked me what happened.


When I went to not just deactivate but actually DELETE my account. FB kept putting up photos of "friends" and saying, "Are you sure? 'John Smith' will miss you!"


I got tired of being a wallflower at the FaceBook party, took my ball, and went home.

It ain't you!

I have in the past left my laptop logged into facebook for over a month continuously, with chat enabled and not one person of the 365 friends has messaged or liked anything. Its got to the point now where i dont post anything at all because it makes me look like a loner,, people see that what ever i post no body likes or comments and they can see this. It becomes to a point where they see that nobody likes or bothers with me and they think well why should i ?? every one else ignores him. It is a really horrible feeling especially if you suffer from depression.

Yeah I hey the same way worth instagram. I see People posting about the dumbest things and they get 100+ likes. Now I'm to the point where I post it and don't worry about it. I've gone less and less in fb and that helps.

Ye they should change features where you can only have so many likes per status, and facebook should encourage others to like other peoples posts,, i think am gona delete facebook now come to think of it, am quite sure that no one will miss me or even notice ive gone.

Yeah I took a two day break from fb and only 2 people noticed. Funny how they remember you when they need you to do something for them.

I am having this same problem. Others go on and on about their lives...and it's a big deal...I post one thing in two weeks and no one post anything, no likes nothing.

I just deactivated my old account I opened in 2008. I was not interested in FB until I left home to work in Texas. People may accuse me of being self absorbed by saying this (easy for them if they don't suffer from clinical depression and anxiety, the *****), but I was overwhelmed by people making a show of how "happy " and popular they were and their opinions valued. Let's see if they notice I'm gone and if they give a damn. I'd rather contact friends and family on Holidays through the phone.

Thts how I fill I used to get 30+ likes and I am only getting 7 or less now and hardly anyone talk to me on there no more.

What sucks is I deleted my facebook for a couple of months and I decided to sign back in after 6 months and only my sister knew I was gone....that hurt. It feels like in life and on the internet I'm invisible.

Yeah I know the feeling I changed my settings to have no one read my fb posts and no one has bothered to ask what happened. Its all good though. :)

I just noticed... if you talk bullshit, or relatable things, little things like \"I have Anaemia\" or \"I read a new book\" they reply, if you are telling them too serious stuff they keep the mouths & keyboards shut.
Just look at Fb like a game. Play it, could be fun... (they said)

I have the same problem. I get on with people face-to-face and I have no difficulties chatting with them face-to-face. It's just nobody talks to me on facebook and I'm too scared to talk to them because I feel ignored. Sometimes I don't get replies from people I've started talking to on facebook. I had an account in 2009 and I quit for three months in 2011. I re-activated my account after three months, because I met new friends from different countries and they had facebook accounts so I thought facebook would be useful in keeping in touch with them. But I find now that I'm ignored by them too. I'm thinking of quitting again because I felt better the first time I quitted. It felt therapeutic for me. Sure it felt a tad lonely, but the pros for quitting facebook definitely outweigh the cons in my case. I don't want to lose touch with the new people I've met, but if they don't talk to me and if I can't talk to them, it makes me want to quit even more and I don't see the point in having it. I could remind everyone I'm quitting and ask for their phone numbers and e-mail addresses, but it feels awkward because I haven't talked to them in ages and I don't know if they want to keep in touch with me either via phone or e-mail. It's really complicated to understand. I don't hate them and I do want to remain friends with most of the people on my facebook account, but I want to quit because it makes me depressed and no one talks to me.

Another thing, I think facebook would work better as a chatroom where you're encouraged to chat with people you know, because it's not a "social networking site." The problem with facebook is that it encourages people to embrace their inner narcissist. That's why you have people writing crap about what's on their mind and posting pictures of their lives. Wouldn't it be better if facebook deleted these options as so many people use these two options as attention-seeking and as a way of gaining likes and comments? Why have likes and comments in the first place?

I agree. I'm sick an tired of people posting pictures pimping basically for comments. Oohh look at me I'm half naked, like my picture, comment on said picture.

Hi, I'm teenage girl. Here to release my tension. I've been sad all the time when my friends did not even tried to talked to me. Like what the hell have I done?! All night and all day I've observed but I'm not giving into turning into a spoiled girl.. They are like angels in front but a devil behind my back(like my 2 years classmate). I'm not the prettiest, but I'm not the ugliest either. From what I've observed, people who doesn't interact much, will be like this. Oh, I miss my old cheerful, friendly and innocent attitude oh well its long ago anw. I'm like invisible or something.. Feel a lil bit better now(still a lot to tell but you don't care besides this is TOO long) -thks 4 taking ur time reading this :) -

Been on FB since 2009 and have about two pages if you count the oversize pictures.

I understand how you feel. I always come up with these really interesting or even funny statuses and no one even dares to like. I'm an artist so I constantly post pictures of my artwork but really, no one even comments something like "Love your art, keep up the good work". All I get are, nothing.

Yeah it sucks but I'm not on their any is my email address send me some of your art work I would love to see.

I find myself using FB less and less. When I first started using it, MySpace was the place to be for everyone, but I found FB to be more relaxing with a great layout. Now FB has become almost impossible to use... I always read your post, and have missed you there Sis, but don't blame you for leaving it...

I know how you feel about fakebook,I started to put everybody on my page on hide cause that's how I feel when I'm on there hidden away and ignored by my whole contact list/stranger list. I don't call it a friends list, even if it's people I know and use to be somewhat friends with, or people I grew up with and went to school with. I put status updates on occassionally... I mostly put music videos or photobucket videos of live entertainment or pics of myself or art...every blue I would get a like or a comment on these things, but most of the time I will get ignored. I use to like people's statues or pics, but I just feels like I'm alone on there...sorry that you went through that try putting people on hide or deleting some people.

Same thing over here. Almost no one talks to me on facebook. Nor do they comment me or nothing. Just have to face the fact, that they are not truly your friends. The closest friends i ever had have become complete ********. But when for example one time i was really pissed off that nobody talked to me on facebook, i wrote a status something like "this **** is making me crazy, i feel like going out to kill these guys" then people got scared and talked to me, lmao. But from the next day on, again they ignored and stopped talking to me. I consider myself to have no friends, even though they come to me and talk to me and all that ****. I just consider them to be people i know. Note: yes i am evil, cold and crazy :) oh and Ps! I ended up deleting most of those idiots from my facebook. Owned!

I don't even have family. I have come back to facebook after 6 months from deleting it. <br />
It has been one day and I realise why I left before!<br />
My birthday is on New Year's Day and through Christmas 2010 I had NO MESSAGE, not even ONE comment. I had 100 mates all from school and I sent birthday messages all the time and got NOTHING back.<br />
<br />
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@diva333 yeah I know what you mean. I'm sorry you feel that way. I tell myself every morning "Why do I go to FB no one but family leaves my comments" and sure enough I have no comments on my page. LOL Sad. I requested someone as my friend and they were on FB 10 hours ago and still didn't except my friend request. One of my oldest friends that I've known longer than anyone on FB didn't even wish my a Happy Mother's day. That really hurt the most.

For me I feel the same and actually it is worse because the few sincere friends that I do have, now see me as a loser because they see how no one posts anything on my wall. So, I feel that it would have been better if I had not done an account at all.

@ Slainte987 Yes, I also hate when you have all these friends and it's your birthday and only like 5 people acknowledge it but other peoples birthday comes and there are like pages of birthday wishes on there page. I go to Twitter more than FB. I get more conversation with the famous people than I do my actual "friends". That's ashame when famous people take time out of their day to talk to you when your "friends" can't even acknowledge you. But I do agree with you on popular people making themselves feel better. BLAH

I like and agree with this topic... I sign on facebook every day for maybe 5 minutes at the most, only to see the same 10-20 people at top of my list cause they comment and update everything. If I make a rare comment, message, or post on someones wall it just gets ignored. I bet since January I have less than 10 messages, wall posts, or comments combined that weren't just mass sent to everyone on a friends list.<br />
<br />
I kind of feel like FB is a social club for popular people to feel better about themselves.

@ Slackajawea yeah the same here. Or they will tell me later that they got together with friends just to say, "Oh we spoke about you and thought that you were having a problem.' Like really you couldn't have called or even sent me an email to ask if I was ok?

People will comment if I put myself out there, but I almost never do because there's just no privacy or control over what happens to what I write. EP is way better.