How Many Likes Did I Get?

I don't think I am pretty and I never have thought I am. It makes me sad when other girls post pictures of themselves and get a whole bunch of "likes" and comments saying "beautiful!", "gorgeous", or "you're so pretty". No one has ever commented or liked any of the pictures of myself so what am I supposed to think? My husband says he thinks I'm pretty and that should be enough, but in our society it's pretty hard not to care about others' approval or "likes".
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2 Responses Feb 14, 2012

I know how you feel. I have friends who gain tons of likes over an ordinary photo but when i posted a really nice photo up, i got no likes. It feels pathetic, i know. Facebook has really made my self-esteem hit rock bottom. But all i can say right now is know that likes will not benefit you in anyway. Think of how lucky you are of having a good husband that appreciates your appearance. Remember this, you're not alone :)

Hi ma'am...Posting photos,yearning for "likes"...seems to be self-boasting and they are attention-seekers...What really matters is our closed one's love,the one who knows who we really are and we must feel happy for that one person in whose eyes we look beautiful..i think you have one such person....then why are lucky..