Fakebook Honestly

I have found the same patterns in facebook as well. Turned in to an obsession for me, a competition with other people on facebook. It became somewhat exhausting for me. The constant fear of never being good enough and not fitting in to my community or having a place in this world. Its not enough to just be yourself. I find that the real name of facebook should be fakebook as people exaggerate their lives to make themselves have a more appealing profile and i will admitt i am just as guilty of it. Posting only the best pictures posting only when things were good but of course it makes since why people dont post bad things because no one wants to appear unstable or less than perfect, hell that would depress you even more. Facebook at one time turned into a vital tool for me a way to get a hold of people when my phone was acting weird, in a way facebook is a blessing but a curse as well.  The whole revolution of living on the internet is why facebook was successful but it it really. What kind of life is sitting in a dark room string at a computer (n my case) monitor. Phones have made it worse. Now people can upload images via their iphone and make them self more glamorous with instagram. I cant tell you how pissed i was everytime i see someone upload via iphone and feel like i am not good enough because i cant afford one, and then listen to people post status updates of how broke they are via their iphone. Gee that 200 dollar + phone bill sure would explain a lot. People are living more outside their means than ever but society tells you, that you need these things. What do i need? I need to be happy, and fakebook is not helping me get there. Living 'online' is not living for me. I have read studies about the facebook depression phenomenon and most of them say how ridiculous it is that social media does not contribute to depression. Well that may be true ( iam not an expert on stats or research) but i will say that it is ironic that most people that debunk the facebook depression theory they have a nice little (like me on facebook) button on their page. "FAcebook even helped me write this blog/study" hmmmm.. life in the us is surely about hierarchy, those that have the money, those that have the resources- make the rules. Now i must be honest here because this is why i am writing this because I think we need more honest opinions and testimonials, those that can look form both sides of the fence. I am already a depressed person. I thrive on the approval of others, SO i ask myself does facebook target and appeal to these individulas such as myself because it makes us feel special? Do the people that become facebook depressed more vulnerable to the phenomena. Probably. So if this is true its best for me to stay clear for a while i suppose and its my own fault or my own condition that brings out the facebook depression. I hope that this story was not offensive but in an attempt to perhaps provide comfort for those that are struggling with the balance of real life and internet life. I am no expert and i am no researcher this is my personal opinions and feelings.
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3 Responses Apr 26, 2012

I don't exaggerate my life, but Facebook has become an obsession for me, with having no life lately. I moved to another state no friends here at all and still no job. Plus having no cellphone at the moment. In one way FB is keeping me sane while making me feel upset at the same time... It's keeping me intouch with the friends I would usually text. But other than that I do need to froce myself on cutting down or just deleting my account when I get my cell turned back on.

I've been winding up to wind down from FB. It has become a depressing and pressure filled experience. Many of my long time close personal friends in there---I have different groups of "friends" for different causes and interactions---my close friends are leaving or cutting back. We've all become disenchanted with it.. It was fun for awhile, now it's just a depressing Monkey on the Back.....

yes. you are right. facebook ensnares most effectively, precisely those people who will suffer the worst effect from it. the "i hate facebook" group includes a much broader range of negative consequences than just depression.