She Got An Amazing Life

She has a bad voice, but she became a vocalist. She was shy, and yet she's dancing. She had a bad smell, but now she looks very clean and she became very beautiful. She works as a part time model, a singer, she even travel abroad. She has so many friends, and subscribers. Even a single "HMM" has a thousands of likes and comments. She has a good heart, maybe that's why. She didn't accept my friend request, saying that her acct. can no longer accept. She stopped studying and yet she has many friends, unlike me. I only stopped and my friends were gone. She's a former friend, we know each other and yet she choose to accept those strangers. I'm just a bad person, I am jealous, and I envy them. I don't have friends. No one wants to hang-out. Facebook makes me sick. You know what's funny here? I read her post saying she's gonna have to study at the same school and with the same course where I am going. What a coincidence.
RATM1991 RATM1991
18-21, F
1 Response May 11, 2012

You are not jealous, you feel insecured. You don't see the goodness in you and you see the goodness in her. That is the difference. She sees the goodness in her. why should you after her when she is not after you.

why should you after her when she is not after you. ~what does it mean?

It's just hard for me to accept that I was left behind. How do I cope up?

See you are thinking about her, you are following her, you are weighing her compared to you. But, is she doing that with respect to you? Definitely, No. So, first of all chasing after her is not worth as she is one among the 7 billions in the world. Why we should give this much weight to her. What relevance it has in our life. Why so much stress with respect to her. So, she is just a sand in the seashore and keeping that one single sand closer to your eye, has blinded you not look at the world and the beauty of the seashore and the beauty of the waves. If you throw that single sand along with other sand, the sand will disappear, it will remove the blindness and you can see the world clearly and enjoy the world.