Quitting Facebook To Feel At Ease

Facebook can make people insecure, depressed, negative and lonely. I created an account on Facebook last December 2011 and deleted it afterwards because everyone's ignoring me. But last month I got so excited that I'm going back to school and pursue my dream as an Architect. I'm so excited to tell everyone that I'm going to study again that's why I created another account on Facebook. I uploaded my photos and they started to notice me. I talked to my former classmates and tell them the good news. But recently, my confidence fades and started to feel insecure again. It's impossible for me to go back now, my savings were not enough for me to afford the school fees and tuition. I'm starting to feel like a loser. Whenever I see their photos and status on Facebook, I feel envious and jealous. Especially that they are already graduate and have a bright future ahead of them. I felt bad about myself. I still have my account but I'm not using it anymore. Maybe I'll be back soon when everything's all right.
RATM1991 RATM1991
18-21, F
1 Response May 19, 2012

social sites can do that to you. you tend to start compareing yourself with everyone els which you should not do. im 26 and all my mates have settled down with chidren and i felt a little left behinde because i do want a settled life and a famaily someday . but what i forgot looking at facebook is what i do have and what was important to me at that preasant point in time. you dont have to come of it just dont take things to seriously who knows they may not be responding because you have something worth talking about and feel bad themselvs