It's Been Two Weeks

It's been two weeks since I quit Facebook and Twitter.

I know I'm missing out on events people have but it was killing me to see someone I really like interacting with her other friends online but ignoring me.

I also said some things that were provocative but that's less of a reason to leave than the reason above.

I'm not really happier yet from leaving Facebook. I think in about two weeks, when I finish running an important fundraising event, I'll probably appear to disappear off the face of the earth to most people.
I think people will miss me if they actually think about me but don't really care. I think I'll just go through a period of just doing my thing.
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1 Response Aug 24, 2012

Everytime I go on facebook I end up depressed. I've built this little illusion that I'm having fun and enjoying a good life, but when I go on I see people with real friends and real lives. It ******* hurts...I don't know if everyone else feels tis way...But it seems like something to be avoided

I agree...I try to avoid it for the same reasons..makes me more depressed,,it isn't the place for the will only torment you.

Exactly - this illusion that you have loads of friends that are really no more than passing acquaintances, combined with FBs numerous ways of encouraging you to increase the number, just increases the depression and torment.

I ended up logging in to FB and Twitter really briefly last night. I wanted to look up the news of a group I'm in but also looked up a few people. There was a picture of her with the man she cheated on but still with - months ago, I was right next to her when one of her female friends came up to her and tongue kissed her for a few minutes then later she told me she loved him.
Also logged into Twitter to tell a friend why I left social media.

Yet, I had a really productive night at home last night. Did lots of tidying in preparation for apartment inspection next week.

Good, don't wallow in the pain. Its nice to form a little dream that they have what's coming to them. Social networking isn't natural, we shouldn't be able to see them happy

I kind of wish she's break up because I regret not asking her out when she was in between guys. She's a really nice person and until now, I didn't know many other character flaws in her (the other flaw I think is that she's not responsible with debts/money). A close friend of mine tells me I should let go because if she's kissing someone other than her boyfriend despite saying she loves him, she's a cheater and not worth it. My friend is right.

You're not the only one. Sometimes when I go there, I get sad and depressed because most of my peers from high school don't really talk to me except for my BFF. Sometimes I ask them how they've been and sometimes, they just ignore me sometimes. Whne I chat (which I don't do anymore and I see the green circle by their names, I wanna chat, but I'm afraid that they won't wanna talk to me so I didn't even bother. Soemtimes I feel like they don't wanna talk to me. I'm not a mean person or anything. So I'm taking a break from FB for a while. I'll still log on and play games, but not talk to anybody. The people I've known from my childhood, the friends I have now and my BFF from high school are the only ones that I talk to now and I'm blessed to have them in my life.

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