Facebook Reminds Me I Really Am A Loner

I have 15 "friends" on facebook.

Let's do a breakdown:

People I never met face-to-face = 4

University classmates = 6

from highschool = 5


None of these "friends" ever really speaks to me on there unless I comment on their wall or send them a message first. So are they really friends? I see they're not busy. They constantly update. They write on other people's pages. But too bust to talk to me, eh? That's fine.

I deactivated my account for 6 months once and returned. Why? I don't know. Stupidity?

I'd like to just disappear and see what happens. If you don't know of any other way to contact me: e-mail, phone, etc. then i guess you really weren't a friends after all.

It would probably be a relief. But I am so embarrassed when i return. I need to have the WILL not to return. Especially because I see there's no point and I really am friendless.

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8 Responses Feb 22, 2010

i am in the same boat with only 15 people and i don't really talk to them.

I'm in the same boat. I just started my fb and i have no pictures and my friends consist of family members a few coworkers and a couple people i never even met. I look at everyone elses photo album and it looks like they take pictures for every possible thing that ever happened to them.<br />
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I've always been what i call a sociable loner. I get along with everyone and an ex refered to me as mr. popular. But facebook admittingly makes me feel really insecure. But then i realize people just add person after person almost their entire high school graduating class....then they never talk to them.

I don't like that facebook makes people feel inadequate... don't feel inadequate... because your not!

hey let's add each other and I'll comment on your wall.. lols lets do it :)

hey, i'd like to comment on your wall, that is if you add me there

I have 119 "friends" three talk to me and they are my mom, my brother and my aunt. Thats it the rest act like i don't even exist.

I know what you mean about having 80 friends... I made it a point not to just add random people. I am a tad paranoid and plus, I think the newsfeed is annoying enough with 15 people so I can't imagine what it looks like with 80 people.<br />
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Anywho, even the people i never met, they're people i collaborate with on artistic projects. Things that always fall through. You know, all talk no DO. So the communications tend to get lesser and lesser.<br />
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So 15 or 80... it's all still depressing lol

Hell, I have about 80 friends on that site and I still feel the same way. Nobody really posts on my wall and I never get on it anymore. It's true, in many ways, it does make you feel left out and alone.