Facebook: So Jerks You Went To High School With Can Stalk You (why I Don't Use Facebook)

And can also try to find ways to embarrass you online. In any case it annoys me when people try to make me go there. Myspace was much better since no one I went to high school with ever tried to contact me on myspace.

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7 Responses Feb 21, 2010

I agree. I was going to join Facebook to reconnect with people from my past, but then I realized there's a reason why I don't know them anymore. If I didn't like you back then, what makes you think I could like now.

I agree with you from what I've heard.

That is a good idea, I wish I had not put my name or pictures up, but even then I am sure my family would've "forwarded" that info to others I did not want to be friends with.

i'm only glad i don't always play by the rules. even though i'm considering deleting my facebook account altogether i never registered with my real name anyway. i have never trusted the internet with my real identity.

I do not have Myspace but I can understand your thoughts.

I hated it because it was only for college students. When I joined it was for both college and high school students. Only this year did I figure out it was public now. Too late--all the people on the friends list already know me too personally. If it was only public and people I went to school with couldn't find me on it, I would've been cool with it.

When facebook first came out it was exclusively for college attending students. That was awesome. The college bubble was amazing and keeping in touch with people with REAL PROFILES was better than ever! It was a great way to meet people as well as contact people in your classes!<br />
<br />
They opened it to high schoolers. Drama set in. They opened it to the public. Now everyone knows about you.<br />
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It's how you use it. I don't add people who I don't want to see my stuff. Privacy options allow me to share video and photos with certain people or groups of people.<br />
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But I think of a time when I didn't have facebook...i kinda liked it.