My First Story...

Hopefully I am not the only with this problem.

I am 20 years of age and I have been through many relationships over the past several years. I have had my heart broken in each and every single one until this last one; I finally got the courage to end it before it got worse. After this past relationship it finally dug into my head that I seriously need to work on myself before I try dating again. I don't know the first thing I should do but I know I need to focus on getting this degree now and stop holding on to the past.

In each relationship I was in I was either cheated on or they used that stupid line, "it's not you, it's me." I was always sure of myself that I could make a relationship work but I needed the other half to help, but they never did. Maybe now I am starting to realize that I was wrong and that I do need to work myself. I need to know what I truely want in life, I need to find out who I am and distinguish between what works and what doesn't. So here I am writting this story in hopes to get some feedback. I know alot of you have similar stories so I'm hoping I can find like minded people who I can share stories with and thoughts on how I should go about searching for myself.

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sugarnspice :) yeah they might not be good for us ... that definately gets my mind off the situation thank you and goodluck to you too

keep praying!!!!Prayer is the cheapest call...

Great advised you have here from like minded EPs - it is good that you experienced heartaches at tender age (excuse me to compare age here). I am in my prime age of 42 and still unable to get the kind of love I deserved. Maybe I dont need to seek for love but share all my love with people like minded like you... someone said the same line to me this time the guy saying 'it's not you but me' ... I hate to admit that I wish to know what's wrong with this guy or what's wrong with me? In the end I prefer to think maybe he is not good enough for me - hahh there you go - keep your young spirit high young man! You have looooooooooong way to go ... good luck and smile always!

When you stop looking and chasing after the elusive is usually when you find what is right for you. The "heartbreak" you have already experienced has taught you more than you realise and this is evident in how you write. I dont think there is a formula to finding yourself, just be willing to take the next step to learn and grow.

thats the best way dear friend...

yeah i'm definately going to work on my friendships :)

hye natepain...same goes to 20years old too...i ever in ur first love failed..5 years from then,i stat to date with a guy..somehow..its ended up with the same thing...broke when i reflect back..God have a better plan for us...i what to be friend with you natepain

The Line "It's Not you It's ME" It's a Crock it's Not you It's them.. I don't know you at all. From Experience 99.9% of the time the Girl (Guy in my Case) Wants One thing and one thing only your a tool They use you and then throw you back when there Done and it hurts and you blame yourself.<br />
<br />
Don't Look For a relationship Look For Friendships to Build.. <br />
<br />
Just Saying From experience.. I been there done that and Still Learning New things Every day.