It Did For Me

So i was 16, and thought that i fell in love. Lost my virginity.

It's funny, you sleep with one boy and everyone thinks you're a ****, i got called so many names. Laughed at so many times, and people still hate me. Turns out the Boy was saying stuff behind my back to 'the barbies' the plastics of the school. Basically people chose sides, you we're on his side or mine. But the thing was, i didn't want people to have to turn there backs on him just because i said so, so basically you were on his side, or well no side.

What i learned was just be who you are, don't let guys control what you do, don't let them talk you into things they don't care about. It made me grow up pretty darn quickly.
katepyro katepyro
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 28, 2011

Great advice. Glad you found a better way of thinking!!!