Loving Woman And Vehicle, Never Works

I really love that truck.  It isn't all pimped-out; it's all original.  So I let my girlfriend borrow it.  She said she needed nail polish remover, and it was an emergecy...something about pink not going with amber shoes.

I told her to park it in a safe spot at the far end of the parking lot not next to any junkers, and not under a tree.  Birds up there.  Well she didn't park it under a tree.


Ex-girlfriend now, lovely nails, really complement the shoes.  Can you give me a lift?  I'm between vehicles.
WildeOscar WildeOscar 51-55, M 2 Responses Dec 18, 2011

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One should never wear pink nail polish with amber shoes! The need to match perfectly was so important....I doubt your mentioning anything about lava flow would have registered. I also suppose she was a Blonde!!!! LOL!!!

I won't risk saying anything against blondes. I might get thrown in the path of the lava flow.

It was a color coordination emergency. I appreciate that.

Ooops! :)

I guess I should have mentioned the lava flow, and not to leave it parked in the middle of it.