It Has Made Me Who I Am Today

I have always sucked at relationships.
I have unintentionally wreaked them or found ones who loved to degrade me and use me for everything.
My relationships with men, always had to be dangerous and violent. My relationships with my own flesh and blood has always been forced and estranged.
I blamed myself over and over in my lifetime, thinking that I was the one who did wrong and blamed myself for being who I was.

It took me alot of strength and hope when I broke ties with my families, I was the black sheep with no reason to be. It took me all my will power to leave a ex behind who was abusive and for that I lost my daughter, to me there was no need for that. I seem to attract a lot of people whose flaws were too much for me.

I am now 29, I swore off men for five years and kept myself busy by not going into any dramas with my families and it matured me and made me realise all the bad things in my past, is in the past.

I would be now what people would call a b.itch, but Im fully aware of who I am now and the families that stood all over me for all these years have finally got a piece of my mind, which they hate me for. But I have no regrets now, I praise the fact that all these relationships I've had has moulded me and made me wiser...
DarkHeartLove DarkHeartLove
26-30, F
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that sucks, i am always here if u need a friend

awwww thanks there, awesome to know that!! i will like to add i like the name justin so much ( its latin version is justicus, meaning just and true) my sons name is justin :)

thanks, that is awesome how my name is in latin, that is awesome