They Change You If You Let Them.

Ive only had two intimate relationships in my life so far that truly have had the potential to change who i am as a person. Both ranging around 1-2 years. The first, I have never been so happy or felt so alive. I trusted her. Shouldn't have. The second relationship was terrible, worst I hope to ever experience. I never trusted her, nor her me. Trust, THAT is what changes who you are. Not the past relationship or how it went, EVERYONE is different. You must learn to trust to love. Its hard though isnt it? Trusting someone with your heart, when others have shown to be unworthy. Remember friends: Others were unworthy, the next won't be; The risk is trusting, put it at risk! Throw it to the sea with the sharks, whales, and fish! If you're lucky you'll catch your Moby-****.
Razgriz029 Razgriz029
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Read my story. I'm much older than you and I'm telling you: fight for the fish. And you have all life in fornt of you - enjoy it, open your hart.