The Past Resurfaces

So my ex texted me today she wants to meet and talk things out because how we left things when we broke up she says "I have to get some things off my chest" let me fill you whats been happening before which you can read up on my other stories if you like more details. But about 7 months ago my ex and I broke up because I found out she was cheating on anyways; the past couple of months shes been appearing up at a number of locations shes shown up at my work, my house, on a hike trail while my brother (not me) was walking our dog. anyways to me it just seems shes trying to get any chance to talk to me and fix things but things cant be fixed really theres not much more you can say or do I'm damaged and I've cried out my heart and soul for her. I'VE AGREED TO MEET HER only because I cant take it anymore and want to move on with my life.

In conclusion, I will hear her out but from a distance I have no intention for feeling sorry for her or falling head over heels for her again but I think its best if I told her I never want to see her again and to move on because she certainly has (shes suppose to be getting married after 3 months with him) is it wrong for me to meet her? leave your opinions down below! I"m going to meet her Saturday night so make your point soon! thanks! :)

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Very valid points you guys I've been thinking a lot (sorta a dry run what the convo would be like in my head) and most of it is me getting upset and yelling crying in anger and her telling me everything She's sorry for but yeah it's been a while now and I've almost forgotten her face so I'm not sure what she looks like I try not to dwell in the past but this just might be that rekindle the fire I don't need. Thanks you guys!

You haven't said anything that you want to tell her that can not be said over the phone. I would stay away. Not because of what she will do, but because you don't rip out the stitches to heal a leave the cut alone.

Thanks for your input