Shut Up

I know it sounds "deep" and at some level I am certain the person that said it had good intentions but all I could think of was...... shut up you stupid moron. Their statement of " it is JUST a bad day not a bad life" reeeeeally got under my skin. A bad life is made up of bad after the other again and again and again.
Personally, I have a great life, really. Not perfect but good. I will be damned if someone I barely know is going to force me to accept their establishment of the parameters of "good" as to the quality of a day or a lifetime. .......
Sometimes I just don't need the catchy quote, you know.
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Yeah. Some times it is like salt in an open wound, huh?

Just ranting.....
But yes you are if a clever turn of a phrase will lift the burdens of this life ......and really I do have a good life!

Glad you appreciate the great things that are in your life. I have to dig deep and work at that consistently. I tend to lose perspective when experiencing pain. There is a time for reflecting and ideas like one moment at a time. But when it is raw, not such a good idea.

True but also our reactions to life are not always a direct connection. My reaction to being told what to feel .......probably related to some distant long ago injury either real or imagined

That triggers me too. My former gentlemen friend did that regularly, would say, " Dont feel that way" when I expressed my feelings. I asked him to please not tell me how to feel. I know feelings change, and I know they aren't facts, but thus, a relationship failure, once again. I don't think he could handle the fact I had negative feelings at times, like other human beings. He felt it was his failure, perhaps? I can not be thrilled 24/7.

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