Ready To Give Up, But Don't Want To Feel Like A Failure

I have now been divorced for 10 years. I cheated on my wife with a co worker who I was crazy in love with. Since then, my personal life has consisted of nothing but failure. I have dated many women but none of them have stuck around for the long haul. I am a very attractive man, but I'm also very nice, and we all know women don't like nice guys. I've decided it's time to give up and accept the fact that I'm destined to be alone. I know some of you may be thinking, "well you got what you deserve, cheater", but trust me, i've paid for my actions with years of overwhelming grief. I've been to counseling 9 times. To pour more salt in the wound, 8 women that i've been involved with (counting my ex) have went on to marry someone else. I really think it's time to give up. The problem is, I don't want to feel like a loser. I want to be content with my solitary journey. Any thoughts on how to do this? And please don't tell me "you haven't found the right person yet" or "just hang in there, you'll meet your soulmate someday". There is no right person, and i've ran out of somedays.
Dec 15, 2012