So Happy You Quit Drinking And Using Drugs.

I was contacted by a life long on again, off again, ex-boyfriend.

He said in a message: Damn i love ur meanside really was jus thinkin bout u as i often do and was wonderin how u are and wanted 2 tell u i hav bn sober and drug free for 2yrs an 4 months now

I said in a message: Well good for you. That is quite on accomplishment. I bet your mom is happy. What happened in you that made that happen? You should love my mean side. You were the one who made me mean.

You think about me? What does that consist of?

If you are on Step 9 of making amends of the 12 Steps... I do not know what that would be. You cannot fix what you broke in me. And you cannot give me back time that you took away. Or recapture the tears I cried. Or fix the pain or the embarrassment. There is no apology big enough for the string of bad relationships with men that I have had all my life because of the example of "love" you showed me. I gave you my best and it meant nothing. You didn't value it.

And then I cried.
KinleyKaye KinleyKaye
41-45, F
1 Response Jan 23, 2013

How sh*tty!