Come From Love. Be In Love. Stay In Love.

There is one gift that is the driving force behind most people's lives. It is the quest for love and acceptance. I am the recipient of many failed relationships. I sort of quit dating out of not wanting the hassle of a new relationship. One thing that most people fail to recognize is that relationships take effort and energy. If you go to work and excel at your position, there are rewards that come along with it. The same philosophy comes with a successful relationship. I am amazed at how many people just hop in the sack and call that a relationship. It is but it is not building on a foundation for a good one. My belief is this: First you must be friends. Communication is an essential key to a good relationship. Common interests are helpful. Do you and your partner speak the same language or at least one that is similar? Men and women are different not only with hormones but character traits. I am like a man in the fact that I like to go in my cave to solve problems and de-stress. I don't want anyone to come in to help me solve problems unless I ask for them to. I had a roommate who would say things like, "Are you mad at me? Did I do something wrong?" I had to explain to her that I was in my cave and describe to her exactly what that was. I found it peculiar that she assumed that I was mad as I am wired just a bit different than most women.  Opposite sexes do speak a different language. It is up to us to research the other sex to find out what makes them happy and what also makes us happy. Finding what you desire from a potential partner takes some self analysis to find out exactly what it is you want from a relationship. If a self analysis isn't done, you run the risk of not being in the type of relationship you want. I am okay with being alone but someday..I hope..I pray that I will meet the right man to befriend and eventually be in love. My greatest philosophy comes from a relationship I was in but it failed due to abuse of various different sorts. My philosophy is: Come from love. Be in love. Stay in love.

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A friend of mine told a friend of his that he should date me as my head is screwed on straight and he needs someone like myself to settle him down. That was a nice compliment from this friend but I am an influence to others. I am not powerful enough to settle anyone down. This is a choice. I will date this guy but as far as settling him down, that would be a major undertaking that would drain my energy source. We shall see what happens as I am an open minded person comfortable in the skin in which I live in. A spirit having a human experience!!

You sound really grounded and I totally agree with your philosophy. I am in a similar position.

excellent story. I completely agree.