I was in a relationship for about 5 months. She broke up with me over disaplnairy. She even gave me back my ring too . What a good surprise.
She told me to leave her, her daughter & her new boyfriend alone. Stay out of their lives. They don't care for me anymore & want me out of their lives.
She said she met someone and said they are getting married. He ask her after knowing her 4 days. He works off shore but she doesn't know for who. He claimed he didn't drink either. He took her daughter for a driving lesson around the block which went well. Next day he offered another driving lesson. 20 to 30 minutes passed and they still had not returned. They got stopped by the law and her daughter got 2 tickets. No DL and illegal lane change. When the law asked who the child driving was, he just gave his name and birth date. He got a DWI, truck impounded & he hauled to jail. Her daughter brought home in back of a police car. She got him & the truck out the next day.
Now she has known for a couple of months she needs surgery for a corroded arteries that are 90 % blocked. Her boyfriend said he can't help because he's going back out & needs his sleep. He was drunk & pushed her out of his little house.
Now she wants to use me for a ride to the hospital and a ride back home too.

Do I let this Jerry Springer family a lone to live the way they want....


Do I help out again? Knowing what I know...

IsleOFun IsleOFun
46-50, M
1 Response Aug 18, 2014

she's exactly where she put herself, in that situation and in that spot of her life. she sounds as she is bad for you. you can do better than her.