A Lesson

I have had many failed relationships in my life. None of them were my fault, the guy either cheated on me or was abusive. But with each one, I learned something from them. I learned what qualities to look for in a man and which ones to run away from. It's not perfected, of course, but with each loser I had something else to put on my list. Some new lesson, things to watch out for, and things to want for myself. It's really been a tool to figure out what I want from a relationship and to really verbalize it too. :-)

And it's not for just romantic relationships! My failed "friendships", has helped me too. It has been a learning experience for me, teaching me how to identified healthy and safe friendships. And now I do have a quality circle of friends, my best buddies being the top of the list, but I do know some very awesome people on EP. So, it did change me. For the better. ;-)

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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Thanks for your comment. I have come to realise lately about "failed friendships" as well. I did not know until recently that there is also such thing as healthy/safe and unhealthy/unsafe friendships. <br />
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I befriended someone with no expectations but they took big advantate of me, and I realise now what they wanted from me, and it wasn't just to be my friend. Once this person realised they weren't going to get what they were after, this person turned on me, in a very bad way. <br />
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And so I learnt that not every person is a good friend, some have ulterior motives. I did not know that before, call me naive!

It's not just about the other person in the relationship, it's also about yourself. What if anything did or didn't you do? How are you with yourself? The whole idea of life is to truely experiance it and learn and teach from it. Sounds like your on your way.