I'm Glad of My Failed Relationships.

Growing up in the chaotic environment which I did, with 2 alcoholic parents, did not instill any strong family values in me. I never witnessed any healthy behaviour between my parents and became reactive and selfish to protect myself as did my brothers and sisters.

Through failing in relationships I have discovered that my many faults are what kept me miserable and lonely. I understand now that it's easy to blame someone else for why things didnt work out and it is the easiest way to avoid looking at and changing your own behaviour.

If I hadn't failed I would never have learned to look deeper into myself and find ways to improve. The biggest achievement for me is letting go of things which I can't change and not allowing them to eat me up. Anybody who continues to behave in the same way over and over and expect different results is just crazy.

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4 Responses May 11, 2009

Failure sometimes, is the best teacher one could ever have. Though it's not easy as 1 2 3, accepting the past and moving to your own future on a whole new different direction would be the best move you could do and give yourself.

Well I think we always learn. Life is an adventure!

I will definitely be having a read. I have been single for the past 2 years and this for me has been the greatest thing for healing. I have been able to reflect and make sense of the many things which have happened in my life. I have found many self hep books to give me insight and have also attended some al-anon groups whos own books are so reassuring. I am hopeful for the future now that I have felt changes within myself and it is a wonderful feeling. Thanks for your replies.

I agree. If you take every failed relationship and learn from it, grow from it, then you are not going to repeat it.