Especially With Money

Community property sucks.  My first wife took me to the cleaners, I had real estate investments which she got half of.  She had already gutted the checking and savings accounts and got away with it.  When I got married the 2nd time we (at my insistence) kept our money seperate for years.  I was talking to a couple that have been married less than 2 years, they keep all their money seperate.

My first very seriouis relationship after my 1st marriage broke up once said, "we would be married by now if it wasn't for the way your wife screwed you"  I didn't have the heart to tell her she was wrong.  I purposly started hanging with a girl I did not consider marriage material becasue I didn't want anything to do with marriage.

10 years later I did get married a 2nd time and it has lasted a long time.  I was also the 2nd marriage for my 2nd wife and after over 20 years of marriage I am still being effected by the way her 1st husband treated her. 

This should change to

I Think Frailed Relationships Change People FOREVER

gettinsum1 gettinsum1
56-60, M
Feb 22, 2010