Rather Have 'em Real

Boobs are great but not when they're fabricated.  I've always had a problem with them and find them unattractive.  I'm generally unattracted to people that are very superficial.  There is one exception though.  I had told a friend how I feel about them and he said, "well, my fiance has fake boob."  I was embarrassed but then he said that she had literally no boobs before and now just had a normal sized chest.  That to me is okay.  But if a woman has a chest at all then it's really questionable IMO.  Besides, women with small boobs usually make it up in other areas (butt).
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4 Responses Jun 7, 2007

I can't understand fake breasts, unless they are part of a reconstruction after breast cancer.

Thanks Brandi...I just wish people could accept their bodies for what they are and try to be healthy. Not just try every quick-fix diet, pill, surgery, or otherwise easy way to look better (rather than exercising and eating healthy foods).

I have several friends with implants and my sister as well. Its like they're contagious or something. I don't support getting them because I dont think girls should be excited or anxious to put their bodies through that. However, you can't go hating on the fake boobs because as you found out, they are way more common than you would ever suspect.

I have to agree with you. I knew two women who had this procedure down. Both were more 'reconstructive' than to just get enlargments. Honestly, they felt much better about themselves afterwards and felt as though they could look at themselves in the mirror again. - On the other hand I have seen women (stippers mostly) who get them just to enhance themselves - often they over-do it and end up looking terrible.