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I do agree that overly large breast implants for the sake of attempting to be more attractive are ridiculous.

On the other hand, having breast implants after breast surgery for cancer can be very important to the psychological recovery process, and in that case, I would fully support their use.

And I also think the user formerly known as siddler made a good point, in that there are women who have basically no breast tissue, and whose feminine identity is very important to their psychological health. That, in my view is another good reason to have them, when they are part of a genuinely therapeutic procedure.

But personally, I find that I am inherently attracted to smaller breasts in any case! :D
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I too prefer small breasts, but have made do with large ones, even fake ones (I'm assuming) in a pinch.

I prefer the natural look, and I think most guys do too. Breasts obviously come in all shapes and sizes, but most people aren't so shallow that seeing a couple of implants on a **** star would immediately make them hornier I hope

Ah good point Faile. I'm a double D (naturally I might add!) and would LOVE to have them reduced to just a B cup.

What if it's the other way around? What if it's a girl whose double D and wants to reduce them? Happens more often then you'd think.

Woot for smaller breasted girls! I'm a 30B and I don't care! I don't have to wear a bra all the time since I don't have to worry about them saggy. I love that I'm able to jog or do an aerobic video WITHOUT A BRA! Seriously, that's a major plus for us smaller breasted gals. Anyway, I agree with you! If a woman desperately needs breast implants for her devastatingly low self-confidence since she hardly has any breast tissue, then it's totally legit. If someone had breast cancer, then breast implants will help them so much! Can you imagine having one breast? I would be really upset too! Women (like Pamela Sk@nk Anderson) that get double D implants on a size zero body just look McNasty!

I agree with alot of what you said in your story and I worked for a Plastic Surgeon so I have seen all kinds of stuff. I think implants look best when people don't go for the big D size cup! I mean you see these tiny small women who want the huge breasts and that does not look right. It is a great option to have implants for someone who has lost a breast to cancer so in that sense I too thank god for our Medical Technology.