so a long time ago I wanted implants. I even found a procedure that makes them look really real (they put it under the muscle and some other stuff) anyway. one day I'm at the pool and i see this lady with huge fake ones. I couldn't stop LAUGHING! her breasts were floating in the water. No I'm serious. She was in the water and her breasts were floating under her chin. Then her friend gets in the water and it's the same thing. Well that sealed the deal. After that I decided against it. Besides every guy I know says they feel nasty, like water balloons under your skin. My best friend told me he's afraid to grab them cuz he's afraid they'll pop. now that's just gross.
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1 Response Aug 7, 2007

Actually, its natural breasts that float like that. The implants are more dense than the water and won't float. That's how you tell the real difference at a pool.....